Do it for the love

So yesterday my wilson K  instagram account hit ten thousand likes. 10k! wow i was amazed and so i posted a little thank you to my followers old & new & thought no more of it.

Here’s the thing, the likes are not something i’ve ever really noticed and the account had grown organically without much love and attention from me, posting sneak peeks from my newborn sessions daily where for the parents, a little treat whilst waiting for the gallery. Of course the comments and likes are brilliant & as ever i am so grateful to the people that take the time hit the heart or leave a little comment but….

When i’m in my shoot with a beautiful newborn baby i’m not thinking about what poses people respond to the most or what props i think will encourage people to hit that like button. I’m looking at this beautiful little miracle & thinking about how i can use the light & equipment to capture them and create a piece of art worthy of a wall somewhere or a memory box to look back on in years to come.

The trouble with shooting for the likes is that it will kill your creativity, your vision, your art… it will distract you from what you love and influence you, gradually, bit by bit until your work becomes generic, your version of the latest pinterest fad.

But shoot for the love and you will build a body of work that truly represents you, your vision, your business. Your work will become yours, uniquely.

Social media is a brilliant thing, it allows us to connect with people on the other side of the world, build supportive communities, learn, evolve, improve. Social media can build a business but it can also destroy one, Never forget that your business or your art existed before you set up your social media accounts & before you hit 5 thousand followers.

Don’t do it for likes, do it for the love <3

vivien lennon nova