Hi all!

Running your own business comes with a very unique set of challenges, its over 4 years since i first opened my newborn baby photography studio in Liverpool & over those years i’ve learned many important lessons.

For the first 3 years i worked 40 hours a week in the studio as well as working at home in the evening,  anxiety began to take it’s toll & my hair began to fall out with stress. I blinked and my kids had grown up and i had missed it. I felt deflated & sad & almost gave up…. almost.

But then i realised, i’m the boss! this is my choice i can work the hours i choose & so i decided to fit the business around my family. The studio is open during school hours, i still work from home during the evening editing & catching up on orders.


So, what’s this got to do with me i hear you ask!

The thing is babies are like buses! they all come along at once and whenever they feel like, so during those periods everything slows down while we make sure we fit all of our clients new additions in for shoots during the first few weeks. It’s why we don’t expect you to set a date for a shoot before your baby arrives & why we fit our diary around you, wether you go into labour 3 weeks early or 2 weeks late. A degree of flexibility is required, from me & also from you.

It’s also only fare to let you know that i’m the photographer, editor, cleaner, tea maker, accountant & receptionist! there is no team at the studio so sometimes it can take a while for me to get back to all of my enquiries, but rest assured i do get back to everybody during office hours. So if you email on Friday evening I will most likely respond on Monday.

With my own baby due in December i’m planning to take 12 weeks maternity leaver from Dec-March. So i’ll be taking a small amount of March babies into the diary & then building up from there.

As always the best point of contact is email or call 01512541694 please leave a message and i will get back to you …. promise 😉