2017 a funny old year

2017….. where to begin, after welcoming our third (surprise) baby boy at the end of 2016 i had no idea what the year ahead had in store. I took a 12 week break from the business & decided to come back part time for the rest of the year.

i wasn’t prepared for just how hard last year would be, 3 kids, a business, a home, family loss, illness & all the usual stresses we all have, but there i was plonked in the middle of it telling anyone that would listen “i’m fine” “I’m good, thanks for asking everything’s great”

It wasn’t fine, nope not a little bit. It was hard, i totally took for granted that i wouldn’t be able to work from home… (babies don’t like that you know) & towards the end of the year i found myself behind, stressed and wondering if this was, after all the job for me. Yep i’ll say it again.. i honestly considered closing my studio.


what on earth was i thinking, this business that i love, that i slaved over.

I have photographed thousands of babies, literally one of the most experienced newborn photographers working in the UK today. I have taught other photographers how to photograph babies. I’m exceptionally good at my job, i LOVE my job, i love my studio. It’s pretty & peaceful. I love my clients, i love seeing my art hanging on the walls of the homes of all those lovely families.

Wilson K is coming back stronger than ever, refreshed, energised & with two nan’s roped in for baby sitting duties 😉

2018…. lets do this!

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