I forgot

I forgot how to be inspired, became wrapped up in the ‘business’

the contracts, pricing plans, diary, systems.

I forgot how much i love to take photographs. How much i love being completely and utterly absorbed in my subject, lost in the moment, present, free. I got caught up in comparison & forgot how much i love to break the rules.

And then i remembered. I remembered that inspiration is everywhere. It’s a song lyric, a book, a footprint in the sand, a sunset, a t.shirt, a poem. Its music & food & conversation a perfect moment of quiet and a moment of sheer madness ! its simple & complicated & Intuitive.

It feels good to remember how wrong it is to be right, to forget how it’s ‘supposed’ to be done and it feels good to once again put faith in my instincts & follow my heart.

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 recommended reading

The Motivation Manifesto – Brendan Burchard

The art of creative thinking – Rod Judkins