Picture perfect

What defines a ‘professional’ newborn photographer ? is it an expensive camera ? a website, is it a cupboard full of fancy props and a price list ? in short, No !

A professional  photographer is simply somebody who can control the camera & light ( natural or otherwise ) to produce clear, focused and well composed images. Aha ! but what about the newborn bit i hear you say, well a professional newborn photographer is a person that not only knows how to use a camera to a professional standard  but has adequate experience in the safe handling and posing of newborn babies.

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The fact is, we all start somewhere and a great place to start is professional training in newborn posing & baby safety. There are numerous established photographers providing this service all over the UK.  It’s important to remember that newborn babies are not props , they are perfect tiny little human beings that needed to be handled with care and experience. So while you may be excited to use a new prop or try that froggy pose start simple, do some training, master you camera & offer parents what they deserve. A truly wonderful newborn portrait session in a safe professional environment.

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