A Lesson Learned

The new year is upon us, my diary is already crammed and i’m feeling totally blessed !

The holidays always give me time to reflect on the things i have learned most over  the previous year, so i thought this year i’d share my lessons with you !

Aiophe & james

1- Anything is possible…. if you believe in yourself and are willing to work hard ! people will tell you it can’t be done, even those closest to you, your loved ones, friends & family. Don’t give up, stay focused, work your bum off, follow your dreams !

2- It doesn’t matter if your a saint or a sinner people will gossip. BUT if you can learn to let that gossip go in one ear and out the next your life will suddenly become so much easier. I always tell my kids ‘just because somebody said something doesn’t mean it’s true’ at the time i was referring to playground teasing but actually it’s not a bad thing to keep in mind all of the time. Maybe they’re bored or unhappy or jelous. Maybe the just don’t like you. Does their idle gossip affect your life ? only if you let it.

3- You get back what you put out. This ones simple and the most life changing., good old karma ! Don’t judge, be kind, work hard, help a stranger, appreciate all the amazing things in your life and GREAT things will happen

4- this year i learned that photography actually is my life !  of course i already knew how much i loved taking pictures just not to the extent i do. Running a business is hard i don’t think i have ever worked this hard in my life but i have loved every minute! I oce heard baby photography described as ‘mundane’ for me it’s a passion, it’s an art, it’s my life. I hope in 2014 i continue to grow and learn and to create images that i love, for my clients to love. IMG_5651 copy

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