Becoming a mum…

Having this amazing job brings me into contact almost everyday with new mums, naturally we chat about all of the wonderful, amazing things about becoming a new mum and sometimes the less publicized, not so wonderful new things!

When i was pregnant with my son 8 years ago, i had visions of breastfeeding, skin to skin contact, my gorgeous content newborn baby sleeping in his basket while i napped when he did, drank tea and hung freshly laundered little vests out in the summer breeze to dry…. and although for some new mums all of this becomes their reality, unfortunately for me this was not the case !

I had an emergency section, a baby with severe reflux and a what i now know to be postnatal depression. Mine is a severe example and thankfully for most this isn’t the case, but know this If your baby does not settle into a routine, if they struggle to get used to the milk, if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed that your whole life has just changed. You are not alone. You are not, not normal. Give yourself a break and a little pat on the back because YOU JUST HAD A BABY !

Give yourself time to adjust and take all the well meaning advice with a pinch of salt! Follow your instincts ( they’re usually right )  and finally look down into that perfectly beautiful, tiny little newborn face and meet your child who will love and adore you no matter what <3


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