My latest conceptual images

Well the studio is doing great and i’ve had a little time to indulge in something a bit more arty!

I am trying to do a series of surreal, conceptual images featuring my children ,with my eldest this isn’t to difficult Joe is seven years old and is relatively easy to pose, not to mention bribe, but the little one is a different story ! She’s got her own idea’s (which i love) so i needed to come up with something that wouldn’t entail too much posing. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome and learned lots putting these images together.

I wanted to portray elements of their personalities in the image Leni is a free spirit, feisty and does her own thing but she is also a dreamer .

IMG_7487 copy

Joe is a deep thinker, sometimes a worrier he’s sensitive, intelligent and has a truly beautiful soul.

IMG_7425 copy

I’m already planning my next shoot , can’t wait to see it all come together 🙂 Hope you enjoy the images

kellie 🙂

So Excited that these images where published on Italian Vogues “photovogue”

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