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Leni & the fox

  Been a while since i took the time to do something personal & creative so took a little walk with Leni to do some portraits, i love playing with conceptual ideas and after 6 attempts and many hours in photoshop i love the result <3 

My latest conceptual images

Well the studio is doing great and i’ve had a little time to indulge in something a bit more arty! I am trying to do a series of surreal, conceptual images featuring my children ,with my eldest this isn’t to difficult Joe is seven years old and is relatively easy […]

Conceptual photography

I love photography, all photography! from landscape to wedding, newborn, child, fashion the list goes on. Newborns are my bread and butter so to speak but i think it’s really important to keep creating and try not to get stuck in your ways. So i decided to set myself some […]