2017 a funny old year

2017….. where to begin, after welcoming our third (surprise) baby boy at the end of 2016 i had no idea what the year ahead had in store. I took a 12 week break from the business & decided to come back part time for the rest of the year. i […]


Hi all! Running your own business comes with a very unique set of challenges, its over 4 years since i first opened my newborn baby photography studio in Liverpool & over those years i’ve learned many important lessons. For the first 3 years i worked 40 hours a week in […]

Do it for the love

So yesterday my wilson K  instagram account hit ten thousand likes. 10k! wow i was amazed and so i posted a little thank you to my followers old & new & thought no more of it. Here’s the thing, the likes are not something i’ve ever really noticed and the […]

An amazing year – Liverpool Newborn photographer

With only a handful of photo shoots left to do before i close my beautiful Liverpool newborn photography studio to spend christmas with my family , i’ve been thinking a lot about this last year & what it has meant to me . In 2015 we photographed over 275 newborn […]

A great big thank you ~ Liverpool newborn photographer

Hello ! hope your all having a fabulous summer, Our Newborn baby photography studio in Liverpool has been busier than ever & i wanted to take a little time to say Thank you ! The support for this little business of mine has been overwhelming, not only are people coming […]

I forgot

I forgot how to be inspired, became wrapped up in the ‘business’ the contracts, pricing plans, diary, systems. I forgot how much i love to take photographs. How much i love being completely and utterly absorbed in my subject, lost in the moment, present, free. I got caught up in […]

Picture perfect

What defines a ‘professional’ newborn photographer ? is it an expensive camera ? a website, is it a cupboard full of fancy props and a price list ? in short, No ! A professional  photographer is simply somebody who can control the camera & light ( natural or otherwise ) […]